Screen 5" Ford MFD5


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Regular original color factory 5" Ford display MFD5, great for embedding in any radiopaque for Ford Focus 3 Kuga 2, Ecosport, 2015 Fiesta, C-Max 2 and similar. Has no problems with USB playback and voice control (when the initial installation screen, USB and Bluetooth will not work - need to guard the car for 15 minutes for self-renewal screen). There is a video input for a rear view camera.
At the moment, it is impossible to run a rear view camera for Ford Ecosport. For Ecosport need new firmware dashboard or new dashboard
On Focus 3 Restyling stops working the Media button and the right "Twister" on the radio panel, you can switch from the main menu

To connect not original rear camera, you need to:
- modification screen AM5T, BM5T, EM5T and FM5T: adaptor Fakra to RCA and camera module + software activation
- screen modification F1BT: adapter HSD-RCA + software activation

The use of standard navigation
On the front side of the screen there is a slot for a memory card to built-in navigation. For navigation operation only required with Ford's SD card (provider TomTom) with navigation and GPS antenna. In the absence of a separate button on the keypad of the radio to launch navigation navigation is started from the main menu of the recorder. Some cars may not work the voice announcement of navigation, to use it, you will need to stretching two wires from the connector screen connector to the audio unit on the scheme (not applicable for Ekosport):
Screen pin 12 on the audio unit pin 5
Screen pin 6 on the audio unit, pin 4
Third-party navigation software will not work. The navigation is updated on average once a year. The update comes a new map with navigation or updating the current map
When you install a set of navigation on the lowest radiopacity (for example, Focus 3: RP32; Coogan 2: RP1), keep in mind that, typically, when you install the navigation map screen, will prompt you to upgrade firmware screen, which will require to press the button on the keyboard that your keyboard is missing.