Screen 4,2" MFD4 Focus 3 & Kuga 2


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The screen is 4.2" MFD4 for Ford Kuga 2 and the Ford Focus 3.

Modification of the screen:
The screen works with the SYNC 1 module. 
Supports rear view camera. To activate the rear view camera will need software configuration. The screen without FAKRA connector, the video signal is put in the main plug of the screen (pins 6 + and 12 "-")

Modification of the screen:
Modification of screen AM5T-18B955-** works with the audio RP32 and has no problems with USB playback on these audio units. Stitched for any rear camera, connect your camera via an adapter Fakra-RCA. Additional configuration for camera operation is not required. The screen of this modification does not work with the SYNC 1 module.