Radio RedPower 31151 IPS for the Kuga 2


37,900 Р

Car radio Redpower 31151 IPS Android 6.0 for Ford Kuga;
  • Sound Hi-Fi;

  • IPS (New standard);

  • It also includes a large screen DVD;

  • When ordering, specify the presence of Sync.

What stands out Redpower 310 series Hi-Fi sound & multimedia system from others?

Main advantage: the opportunity to build a quality audio system in Your car the easy way. No cutting pads, pull wires and install amps, no noise, no background, etc. For more detailed information follow the link
Suitable for cars:

Ford Kuga 2 (2012+)
General characteristics:

Operating system Android OS 6.0 and above;
CPU Allwinner T3;
GPS + GLONASS navigation module and antenna;
RAM 2Gb. Built-in memory 16 Gb + 8 Gb SD card Samsung class 10 (total 24 Gb). You can optionally set any size of the SD card;
2 USB ports for Flash drives. Support HDD up to 1 Tb (NTFS format).

8 inch, 1024x600 resolution;
Matrix type IPS. (Seen from all sides, accurate color, no distortion, better picture);
HD quality, high brightness;
Manage Multi Touch (capacitive morototoni).

Bus I2S 24bit. The possibility of lifting the sound to the digital (optical transfer of digital audio);
Amplifier with DSP processor RP 5.1 connected via optical and uses the I2S bus for removing the audio signal. (optional);
Toshlink optical audio output. (transmits a signal I2S / analog);
Amplifier TDA 7850 (MOSFET, HI-FI); 4*45 W (the Best of the built-in amplifiers. Analogue sound);
Speaker support 2 Ohm and 4 Ohm;
4 linear audio output + linear separate adjustable subwoofer output; (analog audio);
Parametricheskii EQ bass/mid/treble with the filter cutoff + Function Loud (strengthening effects). (For analog sound);
AUX (1 video input and 2 audio line in).

Radio module "the NXP HD Radio 6686" (the stable reception even if the signal is weak);
FM 87.5-108Mhz 36 cells for recording your favorite stations in memory;
AM 522-1161Khz 18 cells for recording your favorite stations in memory;
The ability to edit the station names (you need to pre-run AS (automatic, search)).

1 video input under the rear camera: 720P;
1 video input camera front: 720P. GU in the settings you can set automatic switching on the front camera after turning off the rear camera at 5, 10 and 15 seconds;
AUX video input for external source video signal including video recorder with HDMI output;
It is possible to use a USB DVD drive;
Connecting a digital TV tuner Redpower DT9 4 TV antenna. The DVB-T2 format with touch control.
The Internet:

Built-in Wi-Fi module with external antenna (You can use your smartphone like a access point and not to buy a modem with a SIM card);
Connectivity 3G/4G Wi-Fi modem or 3G/4G Wi-Fi router.

Bluetooth Data for transmission. Up to 8 connections simultaneously. (OBD+TPMS+phone can work simultaneously with the device);
Bluetooth OBD and TPMS. Car can work with two or more data channels at a time via Bluetooth. (Requires purchase of appropriate devices and Android OS);
Playing music through BT (A2DP);
Display mp3 tags on the screen of the car radio (A2DP);
External Bluetooth antenna for best reception;
Built-in microphone used for voice control in the Android system and hands-free calling;
Remote MIC 3.5 mm Jack mono is used for hands-free calling (OPTIONAL!).

The touch screen controls;
The control buttons on the steering wheel. Each button can be programmed up to three functions (available in the case, if buttons on the steering wheel are programmable resistive method, i.e. the control is not on the can bus).
The opportunity to study the control buttons of the touch panel (1 function).
Illumination buttons:

Other information:

Voice search works in the browser and in other programs that use this function;
Russian telephone book. Correct search and display. Support for third party dialers from Google Play. Google contacts sync;
Find contacts fast, convenient, case-insensitive set;
It is possible to connect the DVR (Wi-Fi recorder or DVR with video output);
Google Play is working fully (you need to register and in the receiver must be set to the correct date and time);
Voice prompts;
I installed the official firmware in our database!

Product warranty 12 months from the date of sale in the presence of a correctly completed warranty certificate;
After-sales service.
Package includes:

Head unit Ford Kuga 2;
Block connect wiring for Ford Kuga;
Kahn adapter;
GPS antenna;
Useful SOFTWARE (on the SD card or 4Gb internal memory GU);
Redpower manual with warranty card on the last page;
Brand original packing;
External Wi-Fi antenna.