Kuga 2 / Escape (2013-2016)

The screen is 4.2" MFD4 for Ford Kuga 2 and the Ford Focus 3. Modification of the screen: F1BT-18B955-** The screen works with the SYNC 1 module. ...

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Screen 5" Ford MFD5
  8,900 Р

Regular original color factory 5" Ford display MFD5, great for embedding in any radiopaque for Ford Focus 3 Kuga 2, Ecosport, 2015 Fiesta, C-Max 2 and...

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Screen 3,5" MFD3
  2,000 Р

Russian matrix multifunction display 3,5" from radiopacity RP3 for Ford Focus 3 / Kuga 2. Does not require firmware and configuration to work. Does not...

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Staff signature blue drivers high series for: - Ford Focus 3 - Ford Focus 3 Restyling 2015 - Ford Kuga 2 - Ford S-Max / Galaxy (2006) - Ford C-Max (2015) -...

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Navigation map Ford MFD5
4,000 Р   3,900 Р

Regular SD card with the native navigation for Ford Focus 3 Kuga and 2 for screens 5" MFD5 The same card is available for Nissan, Opel, Chevrolet (on...

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Device allows you to transmit sound from your phone or other device via Bluetooth to your car speakers through the USB connector of your radio (or other...

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  990 Р

The antenna is in the form of a fin. Worn over regular and connects to it. Has your supplementary amp.

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Sticker nameplate, Ford Focus 3 / Kuga 2. Front and rear nameplate (price for a set of two stickers)

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Original new front stabilizer link Ford Focus 3 Focus 2 Kuga and Kuga 2 and other Price per piece, minimum order quantity - 2 pieces

Minimum quantity for "Stabilizer link Ford" is 6.

Bluetooth APIM module SYNC 1.1

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Dashboard Kuga 2
  13,500 Р

Original top dashboard configuration Titanium with great colour and 4.2" screen for Ford Kuga 2 (2013-2016). Suitable for any equipment with a gasoline...

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Radiopaque 3 Kuga 2
  12,000 Р

The original set IS3 includes: - frame of a radio IS3 - the button, the radio IS3 matrix multifunction display 3,5" MFD3 - Bluetooth module (SYNC) (Russian)...

The audio unit RP32 from Ford Focus 3. Great for Ford Kuga 2 RadioButton 1. Supports USB and Aux. Suitable for Ford Kuga 2 RP1 is the cheapest way to...

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Wiring to connect a bluetooth module to SYNC 1 and the microphone to the audio high-level (with two connector) The simplicity and ease of installation...

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Накладки на пороги "Kuga Titanium" для Форд Куга 2 и Куга 2 Рестайлинг

Original branded panel with radio buttons Sony from radiopacity 18 (radiopacity 11) Ford Kuga 2.

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The audio unit from Ford Mondeo 5 suitable for Ford Kuga 2 RadioButton RP1 and allows the USB connector (similar with the connection of the audio unit РП32)....

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Car radio Redpower 31151 IPS Android 6.0 for Ford Kuga; Sound Hi-Fi; IPS (New standard); It also includes a large screen DVD;...


Потолочный очечник для Форд Фокус 3 и Форд Куга 2 с подсветкой

ЭПВС (PTC Heater) - электрический подогреватель воздуха салона, в простонародии "фен". Вспомогательный отопитель автомобиля (электрический отопитель...

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